Roll Slitting Machine

Roll slitting machine, also known as Slitting machine or Rewinder Slitting machine or Bundle Cutting machine, is a shearing operation that can cut a large roll of material into narrower rolls. These narrower strips of material are known as bundles. By today’s definition, Slitting/Cutting machine is a process in which a coil of material is cut down into a number of smaller coils of narrower measure. The Cutting/Slitting width is between 1 to 1900 mm and can be machined in sheet or roll form. This Bundle Cutting machine has high productivity and there are versatility of materials it can manage. Also this Bundle Cutting Machine include cloth rewinder which can rewinder cloth, fabric, leather, etc into roll. Then the Slitting machine/Cutting machine can slit the roll into number of narrower rolls through a circular knife. The machine used is called a Slitter rewinder, a Slitter or a Slitting machine, a Cutting machine, a Bundle Cutting machine – these names are used interchangeably for the same machines.

The Slitting Machine can slit soft materials like plastic films, paper, cloth, fabric, leather, PVC, adhesive tape, foam, rubber, paper products, foil, plastics (such as tarps and cling wrap), glass cloth, fabrics, release liner and film, etc. The circular knife can cut the material into narrow strips, which are called coils. The cutting blades can be set to a desired width. This Slitting machine has 60 blades to increase the options of cutting widths, and the Bundle cutting machine has just a single circular knife and can be set to a desired location.

The process is used because of its low cost and high precision for mass production. We also have a Sharpening Machine that can sharpen the blades often to maintain the quality and precision of the cut.

Then let’s talk about the Industry usage of the Bundle cutting machine and the Slitting machine. The Slitting Machine and the Bundle Cutting machine is very popular for many factories like the toy factory, cloth factory, handbag factory, etc.

The rolls of material can be slitted into smaller rolls of the size. And these narrow strips can be used on the cloth, toys, leather, handbags or some industrial usage, etc.

XianJu (Guangzhou) Metal Processing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in producing Bundle cutting machine and Slitting machine. Our factory has about thirty years’ experiences in China. Also we produce or trade the Metal Band Sawing Machine, the Bimetal Band Saw Blade, the Plane Cutting Machineā€¦ Welcome to visit our factory!

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